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Is it real or imagination?

Perception is a wonderful thing, isn’t it, it’s simply the way you see things… and you can change it in a nanosecond. You can write a new story!

When you don’t know who you are, you can tell yourself stories and some can be quite amazing! However, at some point, the story may no longer serve you and then you have the opportunity to find the real you which, for me, is what our journey is all about.

“Who am I?” – a great question, one you can face when you feel lost or confused, when life is just not working, or when you simply want to understand yourself more.

How do you see who you are…where to start? Well, you can start by asking yourself who you think you are. Of course, what you see on the surface is simply that, the appearance – and often, I’ve found, it’s an illusion. ‘Curiouser and curiouser’, says Alice – is it real or is it imagination? Curiosity, just what you need on your journey of searching for answers.

The illusion comes from the masks you wear, the roles you play to hide any insecurities; and sometimes you see yourself as you were in the past, not who you are now.

What lies within is what matters, not what appears on the surface. So, ask “Who am I?” without the status of your job, house, car, trinkets, relationships…and look for the treasure within you so you can use your strengths and gifts and decide how you want to live.

When you get to a place of accepting who you are, when you’re aligned, appearance doesn’t matter.

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