Mirror, mirror…

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? How do you like to be seen?

How we see our self is often not who we really are. Sometimes we wear masks – and I don’t mean Halloween masks! Take a look at my blog where I’ve written more about our masks and see if you can spot yours!

Often the masks we wear can be seen in our relationships. Do you struggle with any of your relationships? A domineering boss….an angry partner…a selfish sister-in-law… an abusive child… a manipulative mother?

You don’t have to be miserable.

When you’re ready to explore the masks and see what’s underneath, take a look at our 12 week Archetypes Mentoring programme which will help you understand what you need to see. The focus is on you – not others! You’ll discover your personal make-up and see how well your different energies get along together …or not…and then what you can do to change.

The world is our mirror, and when we then go on and see the gift that others are offering, we can create the sort of relationships we want. Magic!

Contact me when you decide you want to find the freedom to be and do whatever your heart desires, when you choose to give up the struggle and enJOY your life!

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