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Poking holes…or… seeing what’s great?

I once remember seeing a visual demonstration of what happens when you criticise yourself. Imagine a paper cup filled with water. The cup is you, the vessel. The water is your energy – your self confidence, your purpose, your passion. Now imagine constantly poking a hole in the cup with a toothpick…what happens to your energy? It’s draining… and its impact is not only on you, on everyone around you.

It’s a choice whether you judge yourself harshly or kindly, however, how often do we stop to consider why we criticise or the impact of our self-talk? We do it because we’re afraid of being seen to be some version of not good enough, and that fear is the result of how we see ourself.

So, the question is… are you willing to see yourself differently, through the eyes of your heart rather than your mind? To have an internal conversation that is kind, encouraging and supports growth and change?

It’s a choice to see what’s great about being you, what’s great about your life, to focus on your strengths rather than what’s ‘wrong’ with you. It’s a choice to use positive self talk and celebrate who you are. And, if you mess up, which we all do sometimes, you can simply ask how you could do it differently… get creative!

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