Go on a journey to find who you are and see your true value with the emphasis on being light-hearted.

Our aim is to help you discover the way to:

  • Find and accept yourself fully
  • Release any conditioning that gets in the way of you having a strong sense of self worth
  • Reconnect to your inner strength and purpose, and create the life that you want

How? First, you create a foundation by:

  • Understanding who you are, exploring light and shadow, unravelling conditioning, self perceptions and habits, then deciding what to release
  • Learning the skills and techniques to step out of your emotions and become responsible for creating your own sense of happiness and well-being; and
  • Reconnect with your heart, with your potential so that you feel strong and confident being real.


Our programmes are designed to help you understand and accept who you really are, to know your value, to appreciate and enjoy being you – to relish life itself. 

Contact Glynis if you would like to have a FREE 15 minute chat online to discuss the programme that suits your time, interests and budget best.  Here are some of the options …


A programme designed to help you pick yourself up if you’re going through a major challenge in life.

There’s nothing worse than feeling you’ve lost the ground beneath your feet – I know I’ve been there!

Let me help you find the confidence to make the decisions that will bring you a sense of stability, feel real again, and look to the future.


And… when you decide it’s time for more in depth learning, you know there’s a reason why you’re here, yet you’re not sure how that looks, discover the diamond within your heart, the spark of light, and claim your uniqueness.

Diamonds need to be taken care of; sometimes they need a polish!

We have a choice of programmes to help you see who you really are and what you’re capable of.

Click here when you’re ready to allow your essence to shine!!