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Taking a trip down memory lane recently, I realised that it’s been 9 years since Polishing the Diamond was published… and the adventure continues!

Looking back to 2014, I remember feeling excited and thinking I knew so much. Since then, I’ve seen how very little I know. There was, and is, so much more to explore, always. Nothing is ever complete.

There was a battle within myself – between who I really am and the glamour of who I thought I should be. I wanted to see the good bits!  What I’ve learned is that freedom comes only when we’re comfortable in our own skin, when we’re happy to be all of who we are, after seeing how many layers of protection we put on ourselves because we’ve judged ourselves. And… when we see the significance – that there is ‘good and bad’ in each of us, we are all equal… we can be at peace, the world will be at peace.

Not knowing how to be who you didn’t know you are, it’s quite amazing… it’s amazing how appearance controls in that way. Looking beyond appearance and exploring the significance …that’s what truly offers the pathway to feeling free to be who you are, all of who you are… a work in progress!

The journey is never ending, there’s always more to understand, there’s more to who you are becoming.

Where are you on the journey and are you enjoying it?

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