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Standing strong in who you are

Becoming self aware, getting to know you…it’s a process, a journey…and like most adventures, it’s great to have fun, and, to rest from time to time and do whatever you need to nourish yourself.

One of the first things you’ll discover is that no matter what happens in life, you’ve always got choice – on how you respond or react, whether you listen to your heart or what other people say, whether you make changes or stay stuck, whether you allow yourself to be used or be useful, whether you say what you really feel or keep silent, whether you simply survive or choose to thrive. 

Getting to know you…it’s really good to ask yourself what are your strengths, your values, what are you committed to because whenever you’re challenged, you can pause, feel what you feel, then step back and ask your heart to guide you.

The more aligned your words, your actions are with your commitments, with your heart, the more life flows, the more satisfied you will feel…and the more you will feel you can count on yourself. You develop a strong backbone, you stand strong in who you are and can thrive!

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