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Taking steps

One of the most common barriers to being willing to change is the need to feel secure – most of us like to feel comfortable. We tend to be creatures of habit, and even though our habits may not make us happy, we persist in doing the same old thing.. again and again! Doing something unfamiliar can simply feel too daunting and so you hold on to whatever you’re used to. Your habits may not make you happy, they don’t make you so miserable that you feel you need to change.

Sometimes you might find comfort in a victim mentality, so you blame anything outside yourself for how your life looks. You blame the world, your mother-in-law, your partner…whoever, whatever! You lose your job, you blame your employer, the economy. What you get from being a victim is attention, you get sympathy. Taking responsibility and actively taking steps to change involves shifting from a passive, victim mindset to a proactive, empowered mindset, one that’s constructive and creative.

And, in the words of Nike’s call to action, you need to learn to commit and ‘just do it’… be willing to move beyond your discomfort… reach for your dreams, what brings you joy, no matter what obstacles you face. Take the easiest steps first and see your confidence grow!

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