The greatest love of all

Happy Valentines Day!

Today you might just find yourself thinking about love. I woke up with a song going round and round in my head –  “The Greatest Love of All’. Originally sung by George Benson, then by Whitney Houston, it suggests that the greatest love of all is to be found within our self.

We all want to be loved. Our personal learning is to love and accept our self. It sounds easy, yet for many of us it can be a challenge.

When you connect with the Diamond Within your Heart and see how all your facets are there for a reason, it’s easy to accept and appreciate who you are. Then it’s simply a case of finding practical ways to change old habits. What might happen, for example if you were never to criticise yourself again?

See the beauty within you, enjoy being you, and you’ll find peace and harmony! If you tend to be a bit hard on yourself and want to change that, contact me and we can talk about how this programme can benefit you.

‘Let the children’s laughter…’ remind us we are here to enJOY life!

And perhaps the greatest love of all is the love we find when we step forward into our connection with Spirit…

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