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Thinking about Christmas …

I’m starting to think about Christmas… no plans, it’s a bit early for that here in Vanuatu, people are very much last minute and it’s all very easy, life is simple. I have started to think about it!

One of the things that comes to mind when I think about all the razzamatazz around Christmas is how it can be tough for some, how it can be a disappointment for others. You expect to have an amazing time with friends and family, yet if Uncle George tends to be grumpy throughout the year, he’s not likely to change on Christmas day. Old issues can bubble up easily – especially when you drink bubbles! So, it’s good to accept the things you can’t control, and, know what your boundaries are.

Some of you may expect to host the perfect lunch, however it can feel like there’s not enough time, you can’t find just what you want, especially this year with supplies being limited, it all becomes overwhelming, too much, and you lose the joy. You can ask people to chip in!

Perhaps the opportunity for us all is to do it differently – to relax, chill and remember what Christmas is all about?

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