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A great journey needs time, it shouldn’t be rushed. If it is, it becomes like a package tour with no substance, no real beauty or meaning…there’s so much moving around, ticking off boxes, seeing this and that, got to be here, got to be there, there’s no time to be present to what you’re experiencing.

When you see life as a journey of discovery, you find a rhythm within yourself and everything happens in it’s own time. Each adventure will unfold in unique and sometimes unexpected ways… you experience, make mis-takes, you learn, you grow, you standstill, transform. You understand, you accept, you connect to the world around you. You experience the joy of discovery, only to want to go out and explore some more!

Of course, there will be decisions to be made along the way…do I go this way or that? When you make decisions with a spirit of adventure, a spirit of freedom, guided by your intuition, you find you have all the time in the world.

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