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It’s a choice to be vulnerable, and, it takes strength. It’s something that many of us avoid because we worry about being rejected. For myself I have to admit… I’m a work in progress!

The question is ……are you willing to be vulnerable and let people see who you really are, with all your quirks and fragility so you enjoy a deeper connection, or, do you stay safe behind the mask you wear to make yourself acceptable?

Being vulnerable … taking about the mistakes you’ve made, sharing things you’d normally prefer to keep private, being open, sharing your feelings especially the uncomfortable ones …. helps you build confidence, know that you can rely on yourself, and enjoy deeper, more intimate relationships. It builds connection, something we all need.

When we resist it’s because at some point we’ve been hurt and thought that we needed to protect ourself, so we built walls around our heart to keep ourself safe. We then try to prove our value, show how good we are, so that people will continue to care for us.

It’s a choice to knock the walls down and live from your heart, to become softer and trusting.

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