What is your legacy?

For the past 9 months, I’ve been travelling back and forth between Scotland and Hong Kong. In May last year, my mum had a stroke and, coming on top of dementia, the result was she was no longer able to look after herself, she needed residential care. In October, my sister was diagnosed with cancer. She died 3 weeks ago.

Being with my sister these last 6 months… was a HUGE experience for me. Painful, healing, inspirational, joyful, sacred, all mixed up.

Kay was an amazing woman who saw others as amazing. Funny thing was – she never saw herself as amazing. She let people know that she saw them, she helped them anchor a sense of self within. She was kind, generous and thoughtful – in simple ways. She lived with an open heart, and created a wonderful community around her. She looked to see how she could ease whatever occurred for the people she cared for. She loved to have fun and create magic for the children in her life. She understood that extraordinary people do not do extraordinary things, they do ordinary things extraordinarily well. All of this was she her legacy.

She was a wonderful role-model and teacher, a guiding light through the way she lived. She helped me to see who I am.

What is your legacy?

When it’s time for you, what would you like people to say about you?

How are you shining your light, how does your light make a difference to others? How have you contributed to leaving the world a better place? Are you there for others?

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