What story do you tell yourself…

This month we’re looking at stories – the stories you tell yourself about your family, about growing up, your life, about who you are.

Stories are wonderful, aren’t they, and of course they can be imaginary or real. Growing up in Scotland, the stories I remember were magical…. the heroes were all strong, handsome, courageous warriors with big hearts and the lassies were of course bonnie!

When you’re no longer sure about who you are, it helps to look at your childhood experiences, your beliefs, your stories and see how they’ve shaped you; and, how perception impacts you and can trip you up.

What story do you tell yourself about life and where you’re at now? For example, you may have been married for 30 years and recently divorced, you may feel terrified of travelling alone and yet something inside you longs for it. You can tell yourself so many stories as to why you can’t, eg it would be self indulgent, you couldn’t possibly eat dinner alone and so on. Don’t forget you can create a new story as to how you can. Create a positive story that inspires you to be who you want to become. Write a new story, a new chapter, a new book!

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