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Where do I go from here?

Often, it’s through the twists and turns, the challenges you face that you develop strength and resilience; and overcoming your challenges can transform you into someone you never imagined – you become more than you ever thought you could be.

Of course when your world gets turned upside down you will feel a whole range of emotions and its really important to feel them. However, there comes a time when you realise … you’ve survived, you accept what’s happened, and you find yourself saying … ‘ok, what now, where do I go from here?’

You may not feel good about yourself…if for example a relationship has ended or you’ve lost your job…you may feel worthless and downright depressed. You can start to ask yourself what do you feel you would like to do…who were you before everything happened, how would you describe yourself then, how did you feel.

The great thing is when you have no idea where to begin, where to go, the possibilities are endless! You can quietly ask your guidance how to open the door to move forward – the answers lie within you, within your heart – and just take one step, then another, then another. Your life then becomes a whole new adventure…and you may feel scared to death, I did. It’s normal!

The thing is… you can create the life you want simply by aligning your head and your heart, trusting yourself and being in the moment, not focusing on any outcome.

It takes courage to start all over again, to rebuild your life. Often you come to find what you saw as a disaster turns out to be the best thing that ever happened. You discover that you are braver than you think and stronger than you imagine!

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