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Where to start?

Where to start your journey? Often when you travel you start by focusing on the destination. However, when you focus solely on the destination, you run the risk of putting yourself in a box and when you do that, you can miss out on so much…. so many surprises! It’s good to pay attention to the destination as it relates to your journey, not as it relates to an outcome. Learn to let go of control and don’t attach to anything so you have the freedom to play and explore, the freedom of having experiences without judging them, so that you’re constantly learning.

You might like to start with meditation …ask your soul to guide you… think of it as your guiding compass. Your soul knows what’s best for you! You may have a bit of a plan, it’s good to have one that is flexible. Then, it’s great to become self aware and create time for self reflection, ask yourself what’s important to you and why, what are your your values, what sort of world do you want to live in…

Think about what to carry with you…keep it simple, let go of the past and any attachment to possessions. Bring with you a journal, a tool for reflection, one that you can revisit and see how far you’ve travelled. It can become a source of inspiration! And a sense of humour is always good for any times when you feel lost or alone. Wherever you are, look to find new things to appreciate, find the beauty everywhere you go!

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