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Who am I?

This month we’ve been talking about being vulnerable, about being open and honest in sharing who you are with others with all your gifts and human frailties. The question perhaps is…what if you wake up and see that you no longer know who you are, you feel that you’ve lost your sense of identity?

It can happen, it did for me. I started questioning before I realised I had actually lost my sense of self… it crept up slowly. It felt like there was something missing. Then when my marriage ended, I saw that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I had lost my status as a wife, I had lost the expat lifestyle I had enjoyed, I had no job. So… I asked ‘Who am I?”, a great question whether you feel lost and confused, whether you’re faced with some change in life…. or you simply want to understand yourself more.

So, next month we’ll be looking at the journey of self discovery, a journey to take when you long to find your joy again. For now, you can ask yourself how do you see yourself.

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