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Glynis Stevens

                                    Coach, Mentor & Facilitator

Free to be real – confident, spontaneous, fully alive!

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Pathway to Freedom, to Finding You - Online Coaching Group

We’ve all been through a pretty rough time recently. 

If you’re struggling a bit , if you feel for whatever reason that you’re no longer sure who you are and know that you want to do something about it, why not join our new online coaching group and start the journey of discovering who you are?

We’ll meet once a week for an hour on Zoom for six weeks. You’ll discover a path to find who you really are, be happy being you and do what you love.

We’ll discuss what you want to change in your life, and how you can feel settled and safe and secure again.

Find the freedom you’re looking for… feel your joy again!

What would it mean to you to:

  • wake up with a renewed sense of well-being
  • know you have emotional and mental balance
  • enjoy a feeling of joy rather than think life is one long struggle
  • find your voice, be able to ask for what you want, and have great relationships
  • have the courage to take the next step towards your dream
  • manifest a life that is rich in very sense, with trust in yourself?


Find the freedom to be real. No more pretence, no holding back! Let go of any fear and step into your imagination. 

Imagine… life is fun, life is full… you are flying high and EVERYTHING is possible!

Align on all levels and enjoy life being you!