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Finding the treasure

Exploring who you really are … I see it as a journey to open and connect with all the treasure inside you.

The journey begins with self awareness and finding the wisdom from your experiences, connecting with your own knowing, your heart, your soul. It asks you to be truthful, to see and accept who you are now, a work in progress.

Sometimes when you start the journey it can feel like you’re holding it all together by the skin of your teeth, fighting whatever you’re facing…you think you have to be strong and do everything yourself. However, when you stop telling yourself you can handle it and just feel however you feel, you can ask your heart for guidance, it’s always there for you.

When you think you have to do everything alone, its simply a protection…to avoid feeling what you’re really feeling. Rather than wait for life to break down, you can see that your heart is you ..and your feelings are there to guide you. The treasure is the light within you and the way to be yourself is to open your heart and connect to it.

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