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Playing with your shadow

Walking along the beach the other day, I found myself looking at my shadow. With the sun at my back, it seemed so much bigger than me…then when I turned towards the light, it was by my side and tricky to see. Like I child, I felt curious and had a bit of fun moving around, playing with it.

Living near the beach, it’s easy to feel happy and playful…and when a storm blows up or a cyclone threatens, it’s time take shelter, make sure you and yours are safe until it’s over, and then look at how the environment has been affected and how to adapt, how to live differently.

Looking at your shadow personality can have you feeling like you’re being whipped by a storm. Sometimes I’ve worn rose-coloured spectacles and refused to see the bits I didn’t like, other times I’ve knocked myself about with criticism. It tends to be the part we don’t want to look at.

It is however such an important part of accepting that who you are is enough, of discovering your potential so that you can grow and become more of who you are… so it’s good to do it with a sense of humour and curiosity.

When you look at your shadow, observe who you are with kindness and look at how you would like to see yourself.

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