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Time out

Have you ever heard yourself say “I need some time out” and actually followed through? So often we talk about it, yet it doesn’t happen…in fact, sometimes it can feel like we barely take time to breathe! How often d’you take time time just for you?

After experiencing two strong cyclones here in Vanuatu, living for a month without power, often without water and communication, I decided to take some time out. Time to visit family and friends, time to reflect on what matters, to recharge, to dream of what next.

Taking a break is great because it allows you to take stock, to re-evaluate where you’re at and where you want to go…and what changes you may want to make.

So….I’d like to offer you an opportunity to get away from it all and take time to relax, reflect and renew your mind, body and soul. In a collaboration with Reflections Retreat here in Vanuatu, we’re offering time for you to be pampered in simple natural surroundings …AND… to enjoy a private workshop on freedom and living in JOY, free from any stress, worry or fear.

With so much change happening to us and around us, many of you may be struggling, perhaps feeling negative or depressed. It happens, it’s easy to lose our joy in life when your world gets turned upside down. Yet, we can create joy whatever our circumstances.

In this workshop, running from 8th to 13th September, we’ll be looking at how to move forwards after any major change. We’ll look at what uplifts you, what makes your heart sing, and, you’ll be given tools that will help you bring back your smile …tools to open your heart!

You can get all the details here. We look forward to welcoming you!

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