'Unlock the power of the diamond within’.

Glynis Stevens




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Hello. My name is Glynis and I’m a life coach, based in Hong Kong, and serving clients around the world.

I love to travel. Over the last few years, my life has changed enormously as a result of what I’ve learned from my adventures.  My intent with this site is to share my stories and how I discovered The Diamond Within, my new teaching that allows us to live our highest potential.

The good news is - we all have a diamond within our heart. It is our uniqueness; it is who we really are. Of course, diamonds come in many shapes, colours and sizes. What

colour of diamond are you? How many carats? Are you round or pear or heart - shaped? Are you pink, blue, yellow, white…? Two, four… a million carats?

As with all precious gems, we do need to take care of our diamond. Cleaning and polishing help bring it to life. Is it time to give the diamond within your heart a little bit of attention?

Let me be your guide on how to navigate change, to learn and grow, and shine brightly in your world. See just how wonderful all of your facets are.

Find the freedom to be and do whatever you want, and have fun along the way.

How would you like to 

  • be happy to be you
  • wake up feeling full of energy
  • have more time for you without feeling guilty
  • have a good time rather than think that life is hard
  • find your voice and say what you want in any situation
  • find the courage to take the next step towards your dreams

Anything is possible when you activate the diamond within your heart.

Appreciate your value and see your value appreciate.

Learn more about me, and my services and consider an Initial Consultation.


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