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A spur to change

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can hit a point in life where I look around and find that I seem to have what I want, however I no longer feel alive, there’s no excitement, I feel bored…and so I start asking myself why, why am I not happy. I can put on a good show of everything being ok, I keep myself busy, however…. somewhere inside I know there’s something missing.

It may be that I want to look at doing something new, however what I’m learning is often I need to look at what’s going on internally, I may need to change the way I see things.

If your outlook is critical, if you internally focus on the negative, that conditions your experience. In the end, self criticism is there to help you accept that who you are is enough. It can be there because you’re lazy, you’re afraid to be real.

So, if you’re bored, not truly happy, you can use it as a spur to grow …to understand, accept and find joy in being just who you are, and, look at who you want to become. What’s your plan for being joyful?

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