Old Baobab tree - the tree of life at Jomgomero in Ruaha

Accept not knowing

Are you willing to say you just don’t know…you don’t know who you are any more, or what to do? Learning to be ok with not knowing…it can be scary, and, it can quite an adventure!

Rediscovering who you are can feel overwhelming considering all the roles you play, the labels and expectations imposed by your culture, family and perhaps yourself, not to mention your experiences, upbringing and conditioning that have shaped your beliefs and values.

However, when you can look at it as a process and not a destination, when you take your time, step by step exploring, when you do this with curiosity and an open mind, without judgement, it’s so much easier.

One thing I remember when I felt lost was that I had no idea about ethics or personal philosophy… I had never stopped to think about the standards by which I wanted to live, which meant I found it difficult to set boundaries. Having a code allows you to develop integrity, be honest, and makes it easier to trust.

If you like visuals, imagine yourself as a tree….your roots are the philosophy or code by which you look to live. When you are clear on what this is, you can use it as your guide whenever you’re challenged, use them to support you, to answer the question “what am I committed to here?”. This will give you a feeling of inner strength – and you won’t be uprooted by the first gust of wind that comes along.

Are you willing to be seen for who you are, to allow others to see the real you?

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