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Awareness of your energy

In terms of energy, for some of us it’s generally steady and consistent, for others it can vary a lot, be up and down, a bit like a yoyo. Exploring who you are includes becoming aware of what impacts your energy internally, why and how you are influenced, and, what impact your energy has on others.

Cultivating awareness…it’s not only about being conscious of what fulfils you, what tweaks your buttons, what values, what expectations or judgements you hold…it’s also about being sensitive to the energy of others, to what’s happening around you in your environment.

And, in listening to others, listening to what’s not said, feeling the energy allows you to make deeper connections and have more empathy. It helps you to have a sense of what others are going through and how you might help if that’s what they want.

Energy can feel warm and uplifting, it can be bright, optimistic, inspiring. It can also feel heavy, draining, negative. It can be lots of things. Being aware in every situation of the energy, you can choose whether you want to engage or not, whether you want to create boundaries and so take responsibility for all areas of your life.

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