Being seen naked

We’ve all heard the expression ‘don’t judge by appearances’, and yet how many of us do it? Its easy to form opinions according to our perception, our mind attaches labels, and when we’re critical of someone or some situation, we see only what lies on the surface, the appearance. We live in a world that judges by how we look.

The question is …how important is it to you that people see you in a certain way? Perhaps as a child you were expected to be good, to be neat and tidy, not to look scruffy, to behave ‘properly’. Perhaps that became dressing to impress, owning the right material possessions, cultivating the status you think you need. Perhaps you pretend that everything is ok when it’s not? You might cringe admitting it, it may be an uncomfortable truth – yet it’s simply how your personality wants to be seen, not who you are.

Being willing to be seen naked is how you can let go of control of your appearance… be totally honest and vulnerable.

Often times, however, it’s not so much that you worry about other people seeing you naked – you’re afraid of what you might see within yourself because you judge yourself. The good thing is once you’ve seen yourself naked, you can choose what clothes to wear and have fun being you!

What you see on the surface is simply that, it’s an illusion. What’s inside, what’s in your heart is what matters – your potential, your joy.

What if…seeing yourself naked will finally allow you to accept that you’re exactly who you are meant to be and life is all about who you are becoming? At last… peace.

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