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Is it true?

There are so many benefits to being yourself and feeling confident in being who you are that sometimes you wonder why you ever tried to be someone you thought you should be!

You find that your relationships are healthier and happier, your creativity enhanced, and emotionally you’re able to navigate challenges more easily. You prioritise your health, and with greater self belief you’re able to achieve your financial goals. You may find too that you’re motivated to make a contribution to your community which brings you a sense of joy, of fulfilment.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to be someone you think you should be…it starts in childhood when you form an opinion of yourself that you think is true, but actually is about how others want you to be. What people think of you is a reflection of who they are.

So… getting to know you … look at what you’ve been told about who you are and how you should be, and ask yourself… ‘Is it true?’ Have faith…you know better than anyone else who you really are!

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