Love one another

“Let us love one another…”

Last week my mum passed. Having been in residential care for almost four years, she finally let go.

Covid restrictions meant that yesterday our family came together to celebrate who she was in a different way. Mum’s funeral was not quite as planned! We came together from three different time zones with live streaming of the service through Zoom. The wonders of modern technology! I felt so thankful.

One of the readings during the service was from John, Chapter 4, ‘Let us love one another, for love comes from God…” which got me thinking…

As we look around the world at the different ways that people, communities, countries are responding to Covid, some angrily demanding their right to do what they want in the name of civil liberties, others focusing on the health and well-being of all, we see fear… and love. Which do you choose?

Each time we show love for another, we offer the gift of connection. And the beauty is… we heal the wounds from our past.

Loss, grief and pain are all part of the rich tapestry of life,. Our soul’s job is in fact to hold the pain from past life-times that needs to be understood and accepted so that we learn and grow. The question is … are you willing to let go of your anger, your pain, your judgements, all that limits? Are you willing to connect with the Spirit within you that is pure love?

In order to love one another, we need to connect with our heart, that spark of light, the diamond within your heart and find acceptance and love for self first. Are you willing to see the light within yourself and others, to let go of all your prejudices, and accept that we are all equal?

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