Opening up to how you see things – an exercise.

This month we’ve been looking at how we live in a world where our focus tends to be on how things look and how our personality wants to be seen by others….and how that can be deceptive. 

Here’s an exercise, offered to me by my mentor which I love, to help open you up to how you see things…..

Think of an aspect you like about yourself and why you like it. Ask yourself how does it help you in your day-to-day life, and, what does it bring you that you enjoy or treasure?

Now, think of an aspect that you judge about yourself, something inside you. How does this aspect hold you back you in your day-to-day life…what disadvantages do you experience because of it?

Now turn the questions around. With the first aspect, ask what does it cost you; with the second aspect, what does it bring you?

Does it really matter… or do you make it matter?

When we attach to the appearance of things, it matters to us …and it’s easy to interpret, to judge, to become fearful, we never feel at peace within ourself.

When, however, we look at the significance of what’s happening, the bigger picture …it may simply be that it’s time to change, to open up your heart to yourself.

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