Blog post - Willingness


With awareness comes choice and personal responsibility – for your energy and how you interact with others. Of course, if you want to change something, you need to start with being willing to accept things as they are, without judging, and then be open to doing things differently.

So, this month we’re looking at being willing and what can enhance or get in the way of willingness.

The first thing you can consider… instead of seeing any challenge or setback as a huge obstacle, cultivate a growth mindset, a positive mindset where you’re ready and open to learn and grow, in fact to persevere, to keep going, and aspire to the life of your dreams, to become more.! If you have an inner voice that tends to undermine your confidence, challenge it and replace it with a positive heart-based intent.

From your intent, you can then create a plan with specific, measurable and inspiring goals, breaking each down into small steps, where you can practise stepping out of your comfort zone… then celebrate every milestone achieved! Without action, being willing is a waste of time.

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