Emotional clarity

Is life for you a roller-coaster of emotions;do you live from one drama to another;how well do you manage and express your emotions?

With an emphasis on thinking clearly and belief systems tending to teach us not to feel this way or that, many of us find it tricky to understand and be clear about our e...

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As we enter a new decade, a new energy, we want to be clear about who we are and where we’re going. How certain are you of yourself?

How clear are you in your thinking, how easily do you make decisionsHow clear are you in terms of how you feel, how well do you manage your emotionsHow clear are you on ...
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Blue skies...

Here we are about to step into a New Year. How are you feeling? D’you feel...

optimistic – your heart full of anticipation;clear about who you are and where you’d like to go;happy to be who you are?

How willing are you to step into and explore ...

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Peace and joy

Soon it will be Christmas and many cards are carry a messages of peace and joy. On the surface, you have to admit there’s lots of turmoil in our world today, so how can we find peace and joy, you might ask?

What I’ve learned is that we only find peace and joy when we open our heart and accept what is.

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Opening the door

Challenges in life can have us feeling pain and a sense of loss. And, in order to protect ourself emotionally, it’s easy to fall into the trap of putting up walls. Then, if we judge ourself for what happened, if we see ourself as not having measured up, we can become hard-hearted - without even noticing it.

The judgeme...

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To celebrate our daughter’s birthday this week, I’d like to share with you a poem she wrote in 2007 for my first website.

Asked to express the journey to finding our Self, here’s what she wrote:

Imagine a turbulen...

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The diamond - the richness of self

A symbol of the richness of self - who we are, our value, our purpose – the diamond comprises many different facets that can be polished to allow light to pass through them. The quality of the different facets – how refined they are – determines the brilliance of the diamond. The more light we bring in, the more impact on the world around us

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Mining the diamond - the work.

What d’you need to mine your diamond?

We need to dig deep to remove all the hard layers of rock that have accumulated over time.  So…a head-lamp… to illuminate the way in the dark can help! A pick-axe to mine; a shovel to remove dirt and gravel; a water bucket to wash away gunk …they can all prove useful. C...

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A wonderful world

For some time now, we’ve been seeing our world go through a period of massive change. Weather patterns are extreme; politically and in the corporate world the status quo is being challenged. We've seen violence and hatred, darkness.

Despite the chaos, we live in a wonderful world. Nature is beautiful, is she not? Frien...

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Mining the diamond - what lies within.

The process of mining the diamond requires us to dig deep, and, when we first discover the diamond, the external appearance can be rough. The naked eye is unable to determine the diamond’s worth from its appearance. And so, it can be for us as humans. We need to go beyond the external appearance and see the significance of who we are. We need to see the divine within –...

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