Crossing the bridge

With everything that’s happening in the world at the moment - the conflict, the pandemic, climate change, political upheaval, terrorism – it’s clear that we’re being given a good shake and the universe is asking us to wake up, look at how we’re living, what’s not working and how we can create a new world.


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Finding resilience

Navigating change is never smooth. We can feel decidedly wobbly, think that we’ll never survive alone, sometimes feel downright helpless. And yet…it’s through change that we find our resilience, learn to be creative and find ways to do things differently.

When you think about resilience…

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Time to emerge and bloom?

When you look at your life, how would you describe your story so far? Is it one of fun and adventure, or, are you someone who likes to feel comfortable? What have been the greatest moments; what have been your struggles?

If you're content with life, that's wonderful. If, however, you have a sense that things are the sam...

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Who in the world am I?

"Who in the world am I?”, asked Alice in her quest for identity. On the surface, a story that is considered by some to be about fun and nonsense, underneath a deeper meaning about growth and expansion.

“Who am I?” - a great question for us all, a question we can face when we feel lost or confused, when we choo...

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How do you see yourself?

Freedom. We’re hearing lots of conversation around the world about the way our governments are addressing the Covid pandemic. Some see the measures taken as restricting individual freedom, others see them as being for the collective good and accept that we need to take care of our community, our nation. Where do you stand?

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Beyond limits

When you go on the journey of understanding and becoming more of who you are, the chances are that there can be quite a few rocks on your path! You need to look at the gift of these rocks, whether they be your conditioning, beliefs, fears, judgements, anything that blocks your way, and find a way to skip over them.

It's ...

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It seems everyone is talking about change, we are too - and our focus is on who you are becoming. After all, changing your life is all about changing you! It's about feeling the heart of who you are - your magic, your highest potential, and it is infinite. Where does your heart want to take you?

Freedom means different ...

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How comfortable are you speaking up?

We’ve talked in recent weeks about the world being turned upside down and the opportunity to create a better world, imagining what we’d like to see. Of course, we need to look at how we would like to change and who we would like to become.

Often when we go through any change in life, somewhere behind the scenes our s...

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What is the one gift...

If there is one gift that you could give to the world at this time, what might it be?

What quality do you feel would make a difference? Perhaps…peace of mind, kindness, passion, self- acceptance, integrity, inner joy, or, something else?

Making a new start, imagining...

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"Let us love one another..."

Last week my mum passed. Having been in residential care for almost four years, she finally let go.

Covid restrictions meant that yesterday our family came together to celebrate who she was in a different way. Mum’s funeral was not quite as planned! We came together from three different time zones with live streaming o...

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